**This article applies to nonprofit organizations that currently update their information via the 14 specific websites hosted by the community foundations listed below.**

Do you currently update information about your nonprofit organization via your local community foundation's website with one of the 14 community foundations listed below? 

If so, we strongly recommend that you take action now and claim your profile on GuideStar immediately.

In 2020, we are changing the way nonprofits can update their information for potential donors and other stakeholders, we are asking all nonprofits to update their information via www.guidestar.org

This means you, as a nonprofit manager, will no longer be able to update your profile through your local community foundation. Going forward, you will be required to update your information using our main site, www.guidestar.org.

Please note: The specific time when this change will take place in 2020 depends on each community foundation. You can find a list of impacted community foundations below. If you have specific questions, please reach out directly to your community foundation. 

Again, we strongly recommend that you take action now and claim your profile through GuideStar in order to share current information with all of your stakeholders. Not only will you have access to your profile for years to come, but you will also gain the ability to earn a Platinum Seal of Transparency, GuideStar’s highest form of recognition.

How do I gain access to my nonprofit profile on GuideStar? 

First, you must create a free user account on GuideStar. If you already have a user account on www.guidestar.org, move to the next step. 

Then, you will need to claim your nonprofit profile through the GuideStar system. This will give you permission to update your profile. Our support staff will process your request within 3-5 days and send you a notification once you've been approved to update your profile. 

From there, you can immediately update your profile. You can add recent contact information, your programs, mission, finances, results, and more!

Please remember to publish your changes after you save your profile updates. This is how you earn a Seal of Transparency and make your updates public-facing. 

What will happen to my nonprofit’s information? 

Your community foundation has likely sent your profile data to GuideStar in the past to help you earn a Seal of Transparency. You may find that, as a result, many of the profile fields are already updated in your profile on GuideStar. We still recommend verifying that everything is accurate and up to date. 

Please note: there may be information on your community foundation-based profile that did not migrate to GuideStar—if so, your community foundation is your best resource to ask about this.

What’s the benefit of a nonprofit profile on GuideStar? 

Updating which is free, lets you tell your full story to GuideStar’s 10 million users. It enables you to explain your mission and programs in donor-friendly ways, keep the lists of your board and leadership up to date, discuss your goals and strategies, and share contact information.

And updating your profile on GuideStar simultaneously updates your information on our 200+ partner sites including AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good.

You’ll also see new features that weren’t available on your community foundation’s website. Now you’re able to: 

  1. Earn a Platinum Seal of Transparency, GuideStar’s highest form of recognition.

  2. Complete new sections of the profile, such as Demographics and How We Listen.

  3. Collect donations directly on your profile page by adding a Donate button

What features will I be losing?

Some of the information you're accustomed to updating through your community foundation’s website may not be supported on GuideStar. Also, there is not a built-in PDF report generator to give you a printed copy of your profile. Finally, some organizations may not automatically have a profile on GuideStar, but they may still be eligible to get listed by providing necessary information.

What community foundations will be impacted by this change? 

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