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You must create a personal account to access nonprofit information and use GuideStar's free basic search. To get started:

   1.  Register your email address by visiting and clicking on Create

      Then complete the form by adding your first and last name, email address, and
       creating a password. *Hint: we strongly suggest using an email address

associated with your organization, if you have one.

   2.  Select your industry, role, and zip code and check the box to receive bimonthly

and periodic newsletters, promotions and product updates from Candid.

   3.  You will then have the option to match with your organization. If you do not have
         an organization listed on GuideStar and just want to register for our Free Basic
         Search, click Skip this step.

         If your organization is listed on GuideStar, enter its name or EIN (Employer
         Identification Number). You will be prompted to verify your email address (see
         step 4) before you can submit a request to claim your profile.

  4. You will receive an auto-generated email requesting you to verify the email
       address you registered. Check your junk mail or spam folder if the message
       doesn't appear in your in-box.

   5.  This is what the auto-generated email looks like. Click on the link to verify your
        email address.

   6.  Once your email address has been verified, you will be able to update your

profile, search for nonprofits and explore our products and services.

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