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  2. Click Update Nonprofit Profile at the top of the home page.

  3. Click on Edit.  

  4. Choose How We Listen on the left-hand side of the page.

Sharing Feedback Practices

Collecting feedback from the people you serve is becoming a core practice in the nonprofit sector. Your organization can become a part of this movement by sharing your practices on your nonprofit profile.  

All requested information is entirely voluntary and does not affect your ability to earn a Seal of Transparency.   

The Feedback Practices section was developed in partnership with leading experts in the field, Feedback Labs, Keystone Accountability and Ekouté.  

Step 1: Choose Yes, No, or N/A for each question

For the three main questions in this section, you are given a choice of Yes, No, or N/A. Choose the option that best reflects your organization’s practices.   

If you choose Yes for question #1, additional questions will appear on your screen. Use the check boxes to select all options that apply to your organization. The questions are as follows: 

  • How is your organization collecting feedback? 

  • How is your organization using feedback? 

  • With whom does your organization share feedback? 

  • What challenges does your organization face in collecting feedback? 

You are more than welcome to select “other” and give us a brief explanation if the answers provided do not match your organization’s practices.  

In addition, you will have the option of describing a recent change in your organization that resulted from feedback. We’re looking for who gave you this feedback, what surprised you, and what you did with the feedback. As a best practice, please respond using 3-4 sentences. 

Step 2: Answer a quiz

If you select Yes for question #2, you will be prompted to complete a quick 10-minute quiz created by our partner, Feedback Labs. This link will re-direct you to their website.  

Step 3: Learn more

If you select Yes for question #3, you will receive a link to a feedback resources page, hosted by our partner Feedback Labs. The link will re-direct you to their website.  

Next Steps

  • Once you have completed your updates, make sure to publish the changes so that they will appear on the public profile page. Updates will appear onsite within 24 hours after publishing.  

  • Updates made to your nonprofit profile do not automatically sync with partner sites like Facebook and Network for Good. It may take 24-72 hours for the updates to appear on partner sites.

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