The GuideStar Seals of Transparency have now become the Candid Seals of Transparency. They work the same way - to help you demonstrate your transparency to potential funders and donors. But their new look now fully reflects Candid’s organization-wide commitment to this work.

Earning a 2022 Seal of Transparency is easier and faster than ever – in 3 steps:

  1. Sign-in on GuideStar and click "Update Nonprofit Profile" or Claim your profile.

  2. Complete or review required information

  3. Publish. See the Seal on your profile in <15 minutes

Find out what you’ll need and what’s new in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for 2022. Click here for a full list of requirements.


  • Basic information – so your organization can be found

  • Only 5 key pieces of information are required:

- Contact Information

- Donation Information

- Mission

- New! Grantmaker Status

- Leader Information


  • Programs - your chance to share your programs and to build your brand

  • Only 2 key elements are required:

- Program (at least 1): name, brief description, geographic area served

- Brand: logo, tagline, website and social media names/handles – so donors

can see your latest activity


  • Gold Capabilities – share financials and people information that funders seek

  • 2 key elements are required:

- Recent year financials

- People: Board Chair name and leader demographics

  • Show your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by sharing your organization’s leader demographic information.

  • Review the Gold Help Guide.


  • Impact – share your goals and the difference you’re making

  • 2 key elements are required:

- Strategy & goals: upload strategic plan or briefly answer 2 questions

- Metrics: share at least 1 from 2021

🎥Watch the recording of our webinar 2022 Candid Seals of Transparency are here! Jumpstart your 2022 fundraising with a new Seal

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