Access A Nonprofit Profile

If the IRS has revoked your organization's nonprofit status, that will be reflected on your nonprofit profile. Follow the steps below to inform Candid Support of your nonprofit's updated status.

How to Upload A Reinstatement Letter

  • Under the section Do you have a Letter of Determination?

  • Type in the year that is stamped at the top of your Letter of Determination.

  • For the name, type in IRS Reinstatement Letter.

  • Click on Browse to upload your Reinstatement Letter.

  • Click Add a Letter of Determination.

  • Save and then Publish.

  • Next, notify Candid Support. We will review your document and update your organization's status.

Get In-Touch with The IRS

We recommend you contact the IRS to find out what you need to do to get your organization back on the IRS Business Master File. You may contact the Nonprofit Division of the IRS for more information at: 

(877) 829-5500 

The IRS call center is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Once your organization reappears on the IRS Business Master File we will receive the update from the IRS, or you can send us your updated letter of determination and we would be happy to manually list your organization. 

What's Next

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