Access A Nonprofit Profile

  1. Sign in to or register.

  2. Click Update Nonprofit Profile at the top of the home page.

  3. Click on Edit

  4. Choose Bronze on the left-side of the page.

  5. Choose Donation Info.

Updates made to your nonprofit profile do not automatically sync with our partner sites. Most updates appear on our partner sites within 24-72 hours. Updates are only sent to AmazonSmile on a monthly basis, typically around the 22nd of each month. Once AmazonSmile receives the updates, it can take them one to two weeks to update the information on their site.

Update Information Sent to Candid Partners

Review these helpful guides to learn how to update information sent to our partners like AmazonSmile and Facebook Fundraisers.

Nonprofit Profile Information on Facebook Fundraisers

Nonprofit Profile Information on AmazonSmile

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