By completing the demographics section of your Nonprofit Profile, you are showing a commitment to equity and helping the sector learn. Read our FAQS for more information on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

We’ve recently revamped this section. Here are the top three changes to look for:

  1. We’ve made it easier to navigate by breaking the section into smaller parts
  2. We added leader and co-leader demographics
  3. We changed the diversity strategies to equity strategies

The data you provide here will replace all demographic data you may have shared in the past. If you’re completing this section piecemeal, consider waiting to click publish until you’re ready for your responses to appear on your Nonprofit Profile. Below are the steps to complete this section. 

Collect Demographic Data from your Organization 

If you have not collected staff and board demographic information before, check out this resource for guidance and best practices.

Access your Nonprofit Profile 

  1. Sign in to or register.
  2. Click Update Nonprofit Profile at the top of the home page.
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Choose Demographics on the left-hand side of the page.
  5. Choose Leader.

Enter Demographic Information into your Nonprofit Profile

Each section is voluntary, but we encourage you to complete as much as possible. The four sections are Race & Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Disability.  

This portion of the Nonprofit Profile is broken into short sections for easier reporting. Access each staff category (leader, board members, senior staff, staff and Equity Strategies) through the side navigation or by clicking the Next button at the bottom of the screen. 

Enter details for your organization’s leader.

Many funders have requested that we collect demographic information from organizational leaders. In this section select the identities that your organizational leader identify as.

The name you enter for your leader will appear in the form to ensure you are entering data for the correct person.

Enter totals for staff and demographic categories 

When you enter staff demographics, enter the total number of people who occupy that category. It is important to note that some colleagues may count multiple times. For instance, the demographics of your leader will also be counted in the senior staff section. The same applies for senior staff in the regular staff. For this reason, it is important to enter your staff category total before you enter the demographic category.

Tip: "senior staff" are those that have final budgetary approval. They are usually the c-suite members of your organization.

Once you’ve entered the total, you can share numbers for the different demographic categories by clicking the Start Section button for each demographic category. 

The updated system helps keep your entries error-free. As you enter numbers for each demographic section, the subtotal will appear at the bottom of each section. If the numbers entered do not add up to the total provided, you will not be able to save. If, however, some staff member responses are missing, you can use the “unknown” category to account for missing data.

In any section you may click a checkbox to indicate “We do not collect this information.” Once that box is clicked, no numbers can be entered into that section. If you’ve entered numbers into a section and then check the “We do not collect this information box, the system will inform you that your entered information will be erased. 

If you find an appropriate option is not listed in the Race & Ethnicity section, you can click “+.” Add another “other” category” up to 10 times. Once your totals add up, Save and begin the next part.

Share organizational practices. Another change is the way we now talk about strategy; we’ve changed from “diversity practices” to “equity practices.” Created in partnership with Equity in the Center, this new equity practices section, shown below, will allow our users to best analyze the data provided.

Next Steps

Once you have completed your updates, make sure to publish the changes so that they will appear on your Nonprofit Profile. Updates will appear within 24 hours after publishing.

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