We're excited to introduce additional grantmaker fields as part of Candid profiles so grantmakers can easily share more information about their organization and show their commitment to transparency.

There are three categories of optional grantmaker fields in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, respectively.

  • Bronze: Grantmaker Categories
    This section allows you to share the type of organization you are, the types of entities you fund, your support strategies, and types of transactions you make. Simply select from the dropdown or search by keyword to fill out these sections.

  • Silver: Grant Application Information
    This section allows you to share information on your grant application process, including whether you accept applications or require a formal application, your application URL, application policies and guidelines, restrictions and limitations, and application deadline.

  • Gold: Grants Information
    This section allows you to share information on your grantmakings, including your total giving and total assets, and provides instructions for sharing your grants data with us.

To access grantmaker fields, make sure you select "Yes" on the Grantmaker Status question in Bronze.

Once you select "Yes" Additional grantmaker fields and questions will appear in the profile update tool. You can easily access these fields within the Update page in the profile tool, or within each Gold, Silver, or Bronze sections.

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