Other data fields

1. Recipient postal code: Postal code used for mailing purposes. US postal codes must be numeric; non-U.S. codes may be alphanumeric.

2. Grant start date: Start date for award. Please format as mm/dd/yy or Month, Day, Year.

3. Grant end date: End date for award. Please format as mm/dd/yy or Month, Day, Year.

4. Fiscally sponsored project: Name of the fiscally sponsored project for which grant funds are intended.

5. Fund name: Fund name from which grants were allocated. Commonly used by community foundations.

6. Fund sub-type: Details about type of fund from which distributions were made. Commonly used by community foundations.

7. Recipient URL: Recipient web address.

8. Recipient AKA: Recipient may be Also Known As another name.

9. Recipient DBA: Recipient may Be Doing Business As another name.

10. Recipient FKA: Recipient may be Formerly Known As another name.

11. Candid Project: Candid-developed platform in which the grant should be included. If a grant should be included in multiple projects, please list them with a slash (/) between each project name or acronym. Please note that grants will automatically be featured in Candid platforms if they meet the criteria for inclusion based on area served, subject coding, etc. However, including this field serves as a guarantee that the grant will be featured, especially if its relevance to a Candid project is less clear. (e.g., COVID-19, Racial Equity, HRFN, PSFG)

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