To answer this question, consider the Charity Check PDF (below) which echoes the data returned by the Charity Check API. The organization name, as reported on the IRS Pub78 and BMF, is "Regents University of California Los Angeles". That is how the IRS has them listed on both publications. The Candid Charity Check API returns three names:

  1. Organization Name, which is a name pulled from several possible sources, including data provided directly to us by the organization in the Profile Update Program. In this case, it is "The Regents of the University of California (Los Angeles)".

  2. Pub78 Organization Name, which is the name as it is listed on the IRS's Publication 78.

  3. BMF Organization Name, which is the name as it is listed on the most recent Business Master File released by the IRS

The “true” legal name is a matter of some debate for the purposes of the non-profit world. For our purpose, either of the last two would be correct, while the organization may provide a slightly different name when they provide it themselves to GuideStar. In addition, third-party applications such as Blackbaud Grantmaking may produce a different result depending on which of the three fields they use as the organization name. This discrepancy may be the source of some frustration, but at Candid we are obliged to present the Pub78 and BMF data as-is and provide the "best" name we have for them separately.

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