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Updating Your Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar
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General Questions

Q: Does it cost anything to get listed on GuideStar? What type of organizations can get listed?

A: It’s completely FREE to get listed on GuideStar and claim and update your nonprofit profile. We automatically create profiles for 501(c)3 organizations who have filed as tax-exempt with the IRS, however, if your organization is new or under a group ruling, it may not appear on GuideStar just yet. In this case, we can get your organization manually listed with the proper documentation - Click here to learn what’s required. 

Q: When are new Seals of Transparency released? How often do you recommend updating your nonprofit profile? 

A: As part of our commitment to improving the data standard around nonprofit information, we change the requirements to earn a Seal of Transparency each year, the seals are typically available around the March time frame or earlier. To earn the most recent Seal of Transparency, you must fill out all required fields marked with an asterisk (*). We release a guide on what’s new to show you what exactly you need to update. Click here to view the PDF.

We recommend updating your profile at least 1-2 times per year to keep your information fresh. While the time of year is relative to your organization, we recommend updating your profile at the beginning of the year, upon the completion of your Form 990, or before the giving season (late October, early November). That way your financials, yearly metrics, program & leadership information, and more are current and up-to-date for the 10 million users on GuideStar and millions more via our partner networks such as Network for Good and Facebook.

Q: Can a Seal of Transparency expire?

A: Yes, your profile will expire and you will lose your Seal of Transparency if you haven’t published new information within two years. Click here to learn more. 

Gaining Access to Your Nonprofit Profile

Q: How do I become a manager for my nonprofit profile? Or grant someone else access to edit the profile?

A: If you are the first person to claim your profile, please click here for directions. 

If you currently manager your organization’s profile, you have the ability to add more managers and grant someone else access to edit. In fact, you can add as many managers as you’d like! There’s no limit. We even recommend adding a general email address, such as, as a manager to your profile. That way, no one will get locked out of your profile. Click here for directions. 

Bronze Seal of Transparency

Q: Is there a way to change your organization’s name on GuideStar? What is the difference between name and AKA/DBA name? 

A: Yes, you can change the name of your organization on your nonprofit profile within the Bronze Seal section. Once you are signed in and on your organization’s Summary page, choose Bronze on the left-hand side, then choose Contact info and change the name of your organization in the field titled “Organization Name.”

An AKA/DBA (also known as or doing business as) is an alternative name for your organization. This isn’t required to earn a Seal of Transparency, however, if your organization is known by another name than what you filed with the IRS; for example, an acronym, main program, or subsidiary, you will want to list your AKA name so potential donors and funders can find you on GuideStar!

Gold Seal of Transparency

Q: Do you have to have your financials audited or is entering them sufficient to earn a Gold Seal of Transparency? 

A: No, you don’t need an audited financial statement to earn a Gold Seal. While it is the quickest option to earn a Gold Seal (and we highly recommend it), we understand that not all nonprofits undergo a formal auditing process. That’s why we have another option to display your financial information by manually entering basic financial information such as total revenue, total expenses, and assets & liabilities. So, you can either upload an audited statement OR manually input your basic financials; either option will earn you a Gold Seal.

Platinum Seal of Transparency

Q: How many metrics are needed to earn Platinum and how many do you recommend adding?

A: To earn a Platinum Seal of Transparency, you only need one metric with data from the most recent year. We recommend, however, that you provide your top 3-5 metrics and give each metric 3-5 years’ worth of data. This will give your data both depth and breadth of information and show our users a trend in your progress and results. For more information, please view this article

Q: Is an external evaluation required to earn a Platinum Seal of Transparency? What is an example of a good evaluator? What type of document?

Uploading an external evaluation is optional—it’s not required to earn a Platinum Seal—but it’s recommended if you have one. By sharing, you add credibility to the metrics you share on your profile. 

An external evaluation is a written assessment that speaks to the quality of a program or the organization’s work overall, done by an independent evaluation professional or relevant expert. We do not recommend specific evaluators.

You can share up to 20 PDF files, which can be up to 20 MB each.


Q: Does GuideStar use calendar year or fiscal year? 

A: Both. For fields related to financial information (i.e. the Gold Seal) we use the fiscal year. For all other sections, we use the calendar year.

Q: How do we get Facebook to recognize us as a nonprofit? 

A: To connect your nonprofit profile with Facebook, you will need to fill out Facebook’s on-boarding form to appear in searches. Their form can be found here.

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