1. Related organizations (from Schedule R) and related domestic grants (from Schedule I) will now appear on the profile pages for all organizations that file a Schedule R.   

              a. Link to See Related Organizations appears under the Summary tab on the
                  Profile page, under Affiliations.

  2. Link takes users to the related organizations table in the Operations section.

Organization Landing Page

To expand upon the Related Organizations and Domestic Grants Functionality, the following four links are now included in the results for applicable organizations.

  • See Related Organizations

  • See All Relationships

  • See Grant Recipients

  • See Nonprofit Benefactors

When any of these links are clicked, the search results change to reflect the applicable organizations. Note, at this point, a link to the referring organization (i.e., the results for which the link was initially clicked) is displayed at the top of the results page so that you can return to that organization.

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