1. Filter added for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

         a. A new "Diversity" search filter was added to the "Organization" tab on the
             advanced search page. When the filter is checked, only organizations that
             have supplied self-reported DEI information will be returned in the search.

2. People Search
             a. People Search functionality more prominent on the advanced search page.
                 The previous interface concealed the people search UX in a drop down
                 (where organization search was exposed by default, and people search was
                 hidden). We expect this change to greatly increase people search feature

 3. 990 EZ Data             a. Now available on Pro profile pages. This includes mission,
                                            program, principal officer, people and financial data from all
                                            available years of e-filed 990EZ data (data for 990EZs that
                                            are not e-filed will not be available on guidestar.org).
                                           Additionally, Pro PDFs are now available for 990EZ filing

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