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How to Earn a Platinum Seal of Transparency
How to Find or Add Metrics When Sharing Progress and Results for the Platinum Seal of Transparency
How to Find or Add Metrics When Sharing Progress and Results for the Platinum Seal of Transparency
Written by Robin Burdick
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To share progress and results metrics in the Platinum Seal section, you can use a combination of the Common Results Catalog, the keywords search box, and custom metrics.

To earn a Platinum Seal, you'll only need to enter 1 metric, but we recommend sharing your organization's top 3-5 metrics.

Using the Common Results Catalog to find metrics

The Common Results Catalog is a list of nearly 1,000 metrics gathered from sector experts and added by Platinum Seal holders. It is a searchable PDF broken out by commonly used cause areas and subtopics.

Although the catalog breaks metrics into commonly used categories, organizations across all subject areas can use any metric that is applicable to their work.

Follow these steps to use the Common Results Catalog:

  1. Click on the topics in the table of contents to jump to a cause area.

  2. Look for the relevant subtopics for each section in orange.

  3. Look for metrics that reflect the work your organization does.

  4. Once you've found metrics, you can type them directly into the keyword search box in the Platinum section.

Using the Platinum Search Tool to find metrics

There are a couple of ways to find metrics using the Platinum search tools.

  1. Type words or phrases into the keyword search box. As you type words and phrases, the search results will update. The keyword search provides results that most closely match the word or words you search. For example, if you type in "children," you may see "kid," "adolescent," or similar terms.

**Note that the more words you enter, the fewer results will be displayed.

2. Filter by Category and Service Strategy. On the left-hand side of the search box
    are options to filter results by Service Strategy (advocacy, direct service, education,
    or capacity building) and options to filter by Category (Animals, Arts and Culture,
    Economic Development, Education, Environment, General Health and Wellness,
    Human Services, or Philanthropy).

    By checking these boxes, you can filter the search results to show only specific
    categories and/or service strategies.

3. Putting them all together. The two types of search options work great separately
    and together. Using the keyword search and filter together will narrow the search
    results in various combinations.

Adding your own metric

If you are unable to find a metric that fits your organization in our library, then enter your own custom metric. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the page in step 2 and click "Can't find a metric? Add your own."

Enter your custom metric. Keep your metrics linear by following the format "Number of [recipients] who [receive a service or are involved with a program.]." Click on the box "I understand that using a custom metric means it will not be comparable to others in the field."

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