501(c)(1) Government Instrumentality

501(c)(2) Title Holding Corporation

501(c)(3) Public Charity

501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation

501(c)(3) Private Nonoperating Foundation

501(c)(4) Civic Leagues and Social Welfare Organizations 501(c)(5) Labor, Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations 501(c)(6) Business Leagues, etc.

501(c)(7) Social and Recreation Clubs

501(c)(8) Fraternal Beneficiary Societies

501(c)(9) Employees Associations

501(c)(10) Domestic Fraternal Societies

501(c)(11) Teachers' Retirement Fund Associations

501(c)(12) Local Benevolent Life Insurance Associations, Mutual Irrigation and Telephone Companies, and Like Co

501(c)(13) Cemetery Companies

501(c)(14) Credit Unions and Other Mutual Financial Organizations

501(c)(15) Mutual Insurance Company other than Life or Marine

501(c)(16) Corporations Financing Crop Operations

501(c)(17) Supplemental Unemployment Compensations Trust or Plan

501(c)(18) Employee Funded Pension Trust formed prior to June 1959

501(c)(19) Post or Organizations of War Veterans

501(c)(20) Group Legal Services Plan Organization

501(c)(21) Black Lung Benefit Trusts

501(c)(22) Withdrawal Liability Payment Fund

501(c)(23) Veterans Association formed prior to 1880

501(c)(24) Trust described in Section 4049 or ERISA

501(c)(25) Title Holding Corporations for Multiple Organizations (Pensions, etc.)

501(c)(26) State Sponsored High Rick Health Insurance Organization

501(c)(27) State Sponsored Workers Compensation Reinsurances

501(c)(28) National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust

501(c)(29) ACA 1322 Qualified Nonprofit Health Insurance Issuers

501(d) Apostolic and Religious Organizations

501(e) Cooperative Hospital Service Organizations

501(f) Cooperative Service Organization of Operating Educations Organizations

501(k) Child Care Organization

501(n) Charitable Risk Pools

4947(a)(2) Split-Interest Trust

521(a) Farmer's Cooperative Associations

4947(a)(1) Non-Exempt Charitable Trusts - Private Foundations

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527 Political Organizations

170(c)(1) Government Entity

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