Where do charities go to use the Portal?

The Single Portal will be available at StateCharityRegistration.org.

What states can I register in?

We are launching our pilot with Connecticut and Georgia. We expect to have at least 2 more states (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) join in the second cohort, which will launch by June 23, 2019.

What is MRFP?

The Multistate Registration and Filing Portal, Inc. (“MRFP”), is a Delaware nonprofit organization that is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is an instrumentality of government formed in 2013 by state charity officials for the purpose of providing a multistate charitable registration system through which charities and their professional fundraisers may comply with the registration requirements of multiple jurisdictions at one location.

Does MRFP handle new registrations or renewals?

The MRFP handles both new registrations and renewals.

What are the costs associated with participating in MRFP?

  • The cost associated with participating is $9 per charity registration per state, or $22 per professional solicitor or professional fundraising counsel, and a 3% processing fee per transaction.

  • We expect the price to decrease as adoption and transaction volume increases.

Will MRFP, Inc. ever disappear?

Our plan is to be here for the long haul. We want to offer the best possible registration option for nonprofit organizations/professional fundraisers, state charity officials and the public. With each new cohort, we will learn and get better.

What happens if a State rejects my application or requests more information?

States using the CityBase Response Dashboard can communicate directly with applicants and re-open applications for changes. When a submission is updated, every state the filer chooses to file with via the portal will get an email and the submission will be updated in the Portal Database. States that do not use the Response Dashboard can communicate with applicants independent of the portal for changes. Any changes submitted directly to a state and independent of the portal will not be updated in the Portal Database.  

What forms of payment can charities use?

Charities can pay with all major credit and debit cards. Starting in Cohort Two, they will also be able to pay with ACH transfers. 

What happens if I request a refund?

All refund requests will be routed to the appropriate state. If the state decides to issue a refund, CityBase will process the refund. Charges disputed with a credit card company will be handled by CityBase and reviewed with the relevant states.

How is support handled?

Support requests related to the technical process of registration will be handled at support@thecitybase.com. Substantive requests (i.e. related to specific questions on the form, etc.) will be directed to the appropriate state.

What are the benefits of joining MRFP?

For charitable organizations and professional fundraisers:

  • Reduce administrative costs.

  • Ease filing burden -ability to comply with many states' filing requirements with a single portal.

  • Avoid inconsistency and uncertainty of paper forms.

  • More guidance on where a charity needs to register.

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