Search for A Nonprofit

  1. Sign in to

  2. Search GuideStar

  3. Choose a nonprofit from search results to view a nonprofit profile

Verify A Nonprofit's Eligibility

  1. On the right hand side of the page, under the section GuideStar Charity Check, click on Charity Check Report.

Create And Manage A Watch List

  1. Find the GuideStar Charity Check section near the top of the profile.  

  2. Click the Add to Watch List link to add individual organizations to your watch list.

  3. When adding an excel list of organizations to your Watch List, please make sure the first column includes EIN's (Employer Identification Number) with the dash (xx-xxxxxxx). The limit of organizations you can add to your Watch List is 10,000.

View or Remove Organizations from a Watch List

  1. You can remove individual organizations using the Remove from Watch List on their profile pages.

  2. You can remove all organizations from your Watch List by scrolling to the middle of the Watch List page and clicking the Delete Watch List button.

  3. To view your Watch List, click on Manage watched organizations under the My subscriptions section of your Account page.

Run a Bulk Check for all organizations in your Watch List

The Bulk Check feature allows Charity Check and Pro subscribers to download a report (in Excel compatible format) that provides the following data for all organizations in their Watch List:

  • EIN

  • Organization Name

  • City 

  • State

  • Zip

  • Pub78 Status

  • BMF Status

  • Special Messaging

  • Link to the Charity Check report PDF

  • Link to the Profile Page

  • Date Generated

  • Transparency Seal Level

To run a Bulk Check, scroll to the bottom of the Watch List page, and click on Get Your Bulk Charity Check Report.

Note: the Bulk Check feature is only included with annual Pro, Pro Plus and Charity Check subscriptions (i.e., monthly subscriptions do not include this feature).

Create Alerts

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click on your name in the right corner of the home page.

  3. Choose My Account.

  4. Select Manage Alerts under Charity Check

  5. You will see a list events that will trigger email notification of key status changes in organizations on your watch list.  Select the alerts you are interested in, then click the Request These Alerts button.

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