Requirements To Appear on AmazonSmile

Here are the requirements your organization must meet to be listed on AmazonSmile. Your nonprofit organization:

  • is qualified under Section 501(c)(3)

  • is a public charitable organization and not a private foundation

  • is not supporting organizations, unless identified specifically as a Type I, Type II, or functionally integrated Type III supporting organization

  • is headquartered in the United States (the 50 States and the District of Columbia)

My Organization Does Not Appear on AmazonSmile

Once your organization appears on GuideStar, then you will automatically be opted in for third party donations from AmazonSmile.

We send updated information on nonprofits to AmazonSmile at the end of the month, usually around the 22nd. If you are a new organization, recently opted-in to receive donations from our partners or made updates to your profile, you can expect your organization to appear on AmazonSmile the first week of the month. 

How To Receive Donations

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Nonprofit Profile Information on AmazonSmile

Searching for Nonprofits on AmazonSmile by their DBA

If an organization has a DBA listed on their nonprofit profile and it is not in the title/name of your organization, the DBA will not appear on AmazonSmile's website.

However, if an organization is registered at and they search for their DBA, the organization will appear but show as the registered name or the name that appears on your organization's profile page. The same will happen when supporters search for the DBA name of your organization.

Watch this video to learn more about your organization's profile on AmazonSmile.

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