How does GuideStar Advantage work?

Check out these four steps. Also, here's what's included.

What problem(s) does it solve/question(s) does it answer?

  • Who funds organizations similar to mine and might be interested in funding our organization?
  • How does my organization appear to 9M+ donors and stakeholders who use GuideStar data to inform their giving and involvement with an organization?
  • How can I ensure my organization is best represented across GuideStar's partner network (like AmazonSmile?)
  • How can I improve the public perception of my organization?
  • How do my financials stack up to similar organizations?
  • Will grantmakers have to pay additional fees to donate to my organization?

When GuideStar Advantage talks about funders, does it include foundation or does it refer to individuals?

The GuideStar Advantage component which focuses on funding for nonprofit organizations is primarily focused on foundations, not individual donors.

What's included in the in-depth report?
This report is an aggregate view of your organization. It is how donors and funders assess your organization from GuideStar. It contains:

  • GuideStar Pro Report
  • Financial data
  • Historical 990 data
  • Previous funders
  • Program and results data
  • And data on your board and employees

This report also give you a certificate of validation on your ability to receive funding.

How do you compare my organization's financial condition to my peers?

Our Financial Trends Analysis helps you better understand and/or communicate your financial health and resource needs. It’s a combination of GuideStar’s IRS Forms 990 data from within the past five years. Select up to five peer organizations for a side-by-side financial comparison. You can choose to benchmark against peers using criteria like mission area, geography, and financial characteristics.

What's included in the Foundation Center's MAPS?

Foundation Center's MAPS will provide you with essential intelligence to inform your Development and grant seeking efforts. Using this innovative tool through GuideStar Advantage, you will get a report that identifies key funders in your area who are funding projects and organizations like yours, including:

  • Philanthropy Name
  • Past Award Amounts
  • Other Similar NPO's receiving grants
  • Connected network of giving and practice.

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