You can now earn a 2018 Seal of Transparency! Earning a 2018 Seal is important and simple. Your funders and many stakeholders want to know that the information you are sharing with them is up to date and accurate. Your 2018 Seal provides that important signal. Luckily, earning a 2018 Seal is as easy as logging in to your Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar and making sure all required fields are complete. 

Read on to learn what information you’ll need to earn your 2018 GuideStar Seal of Transparency.

I Don’t Have A Seal Yet

Claim Your Organization's Profile

Once you have access to edit your profile, complete the required fields (marked with a *) for each section. You can get ready by printing out this best practices guide. Remember that the Seals build on each other -  you can earn a Platinum Seal only if you also first complete the requirements for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Seals.

I Already Have A Seal

If you already have a Seal, you’re almost there for 2018! Check to make sure you have completed the required information (marked with a *) for each section. The progress bar at the top of your form let's you know if something is missing and you can also print out our best practices guide. Keep in mind that to earn your 2018 Seal you will want to review and make updates to fields in Bronze, Silver and Gold, even if you are at Platinum. Check out the information below to learn more about the requirements in each section.

Best Practices


  • We now feature the geographic areas served by your programs on a map. You’ll find the map in the Programs & Maps section. While in this section, you’ll also need to include a brief description of the program and population served.
  • Enter your payment address and fundraising contact to make sure donations reach your organization.
  • Finally, we’ve created a Brand section, so you can tailor your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to your organization. You can add a tagline, upload a high-resolution logo, and display your website URL.
  • Review the Bronze help guide.


  • We require that your financial information reflects your most recent fiscal year - so 2017 or 2016 - as applicable. 
  • Be sure to actually tell us your fiscal year beginning and end dates - they are required.
  • Review the Silver help guide.


  • We listened to your feedback and changed the Impact Statement to a Problem Overview.
  • We shortened the Problem Overview character limit to 1,000 characters (it was 2,000) to improve viewing on mobile devices.
  • Review the Gold help guide.


What's Next

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