*Please review the Important Notes before emailing your request.

Important Notes

  • Please review the How to Get Listed FAQs before sending your request.
  • All organization’s must have their own individual Employer Identification Number (EIN) to be added onsite separately from any associated parent or national office. GuideStar cannot create a listing for your entity if it does not have its own EIN. 
  • Do not send a request using the EIN of your associated office. Please have an authorized individual of the entity send the initial request. GuideStar will not accept documents certified by the employee of a subordinate office.
  • The procedures described on this page will be in effect through 12/31/19 only. Beginning January 1, 2020, Candid will require a letter of determination or group exemption letter to list and create profiles for nonprofits that are not in the IRS Business Master File, the IRS’s definitive record of tax-exempt organizations. We will begin removing organizations that have not provided this documentation from GuideStar in January 2020. Learn more about this decision and how you can ensure your profile is not deleted.

Please email the following information to getlisted@candid.org to receive the current listing requirements:

  • Your name and title with the organization
  • Government Organization Name
  • Government Organization EIN
  • Government Organization Address
  • Government Organization Website if available. (If not available please indicate that your organization does not have a website.)
  • Please indicate whether or not your Government Organization has filed a Form 1023 or 1024 (Application for Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status) with the federal IRS.

Upon receipt of your email, we will follow up with further guidance about the requirements and required documents to be listed on GuideStar.

You must be a registered GuideStar user to request having your organization listed on GuideStar. Please see our help article to Create a GuideStar Account before sending your request.

You may email all requested information to us at getlisted@candid.org. Once received, we will review the documents and follow up as quickly as possible. You will be notified of your application's status after review. We may request further documentation.

If approved, GuideStar imports new nonprofit organizations each Monday morning. If you receive an approval notification, please visit www.guidestar.org after 12:00 EST the following Monday to view your organization's listing.

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